Monday, 14 May 2012

The Most Beautiful Candy Shop in The World


You know what..a few minutes ago i got a sweet candy from my friend..It is so awesome to have it..I enjoyed that candy so much..maybe because someone give it and it free..hahaha..but actually i really love it and i can't live witout candy..hahaha..(am i over???) but i'm sure if ask you all who loves to eat candy..many of you will put up your hands even though you already know candy is not good for your teeth and health.. 

Now..i want to share with you all about the most beautiful candy shop in the world.It is knows as "The Candy Room"..It is located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD and has a design of toys with the concept of illusion and draws the inner child out of the customer using a strong connection with childhood,fantasy,fiction and of course,sweets..

Being strongly influenced by the idea of designing a playful, simple and somewhat illusional space for the Candy Room,
the exaggeration of a 'room' idea was formulated. The application was to use line artwork on white space to represent a room.

Amazing right?? if i go there..i don't want to back home..hahaha..(i'm just kidding)
But beware my friends..don't be so obses with the candy..It's content a lot of sugar and of course not so good for your health..
Okay..that's all...

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